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Of all of the wonderful photography opportunities I've had over five years, I can honestly say that I have the most fun photographing children. While I don't have any children of my own, I tend to do very well hanging out with the little ones. Maybe we have a lot in common... :-)

For the last year I've taken notice of my personal friends and my social networking friends who have signed their children up for expensive agencies. They've been promised a certain number of "call-backs" and received none. The children in turn were disappointed and rather dejected. And of course the parents were out of anywhere from $1,500 - $3,000!

I hate to see people worry about money. I hate to see children burdened by something that should instead build character and a healthy sense of competition. 

A late day in November of 2012 a mother came into my studio with her 11-year old daughter. This young lady smiled throughout their entire family shoot, but when we sat down at my conference table to talk, and her mother told me her modeling agency stories - her smile quickly left. 

"She has been talking about being a model since she was five," the mother revealed to me. The bubbly 5th grader stood her skinny frame at about 4'11, with long legs and beautiful brown skin (about my shade)! Her teeth had benefited greatly from the dental work her mom sacrificed for a year or so before. Dimples on both sides. Curly hair past her shoulders. Chestnut brown eyes - NOT CONTACTS. Simply put, this baby was CUTE.

Unfortunately at an agency signing, some "adult with a title" told this precious girl that she was TOO DARK. He killed her dream. 

I hugged her and I wouldn't let her go until the tear dripping from my left eye had dripped to the floor. Then I looked at her and I told her that if she wanted to be a model - I would do everything in my power to help that dream come true. 

To this day she still insists that she no longer has such a dream. She instead wants to be an elementary school teacher one day. 

I completely respect her wishes to not have her name or her photograph displayed, but I often wonder if that dream really just passed... or was it CRUSHED? 

Smile Child! All children have something beautiful going on inside and on the surface. I understand how important character development is. I acknowledge the importance of self-esteem. I don't want any parent to sign a year - long contract. I don't want you to write me a check for $1,500.00.

Most of my photo sessions start at $250.00, but to be part of the SMILE CHILD movement will only cost $220.00 for a three month term. After three months, your child could have any or ALL of the following:

   -(A) A gig (commercial, magazine, contest, etc.)

   -(B) A portfolio to continue sending around the country!

   -(C) A new sense of pride, confidence, boost in self-esteem and of course EXPERIENCE!! 

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Wedding Photography https://www.themissariphotos.com/blog/2012/5/wedding-photography  

My last few inquiries for wedding photography services have been very adamant about not wanting to GO BROKE planning their big day.
They've wanted absolutely nothing more than a few hours of photography service and a disc of images... NO PRINTS!! 
So, considering the economy and to meet the demands of my growing wedding clientele - I have the new "I Do" Economy Wedding Package!! 
*3 - 5 hours (Wedding and Reception)
*One Photographer
*Edited Images on a CD
**Of course we offer a wide range of wedding services, ranging from $680 - $1550. Please contact us to discuss such options!! 
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New Website... https://www.themissariphotos.com/blog/2012/5/new-website Well it was www.MissAriPhotography.com. Then it was www.MissAriPhotography.biz. Finally it is www.TheMissAriPhotos.com...


I definitely did NOT go to college to build websites, but I'm proud to say I now understand the art. Back in December, I employed a fellow church member to build my new site. My .com was working for me, but I didn't think it did me justice. He promised that he could make something better happen and for a reasonable price of $500. 


Each week I inquired about his progress. I asked what he needed of me, as far as passwords, photos, MONEY. He continued with his technical language - he kept talking in circles.


Finally, in mid March, he was ready to stop giving me the runaround. I asked once more "How much is this going to cost me?" 


His response: "It should be around $1500."


Needless to say, I was a bit taken by his response. I won't say I was PISSED, because I was after all in the church house. That day, I decided if I wanted the job done - I would have to do it myself.


After consulting several web designers, graphic friends, etc. I discovered that a job of this sort should NOT exceed $500. I was willing to pay for the service and to relinquish all design decisions to the professional, but the professional was missing. 


It was NOT easy, and perhaps he could have done a better job - but I have it done. It feels good to learn something new. I hope that once I'm done perfecting my new site that YOU will enjoy visiting and inquiring about your photo opportunities!!

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