Several years ago I became an observer of people; of things; of movements. Too often those people, those things; those movements were nothing more than passing memories. I wanted to preserve them, so I picked up my very first camera and I started shooting.

My name is Ariawna, but I'll let you call me Ari, because that's what my family and friends have called me since forever. My story is pretty simple: I'm a 38-year old native of Dallas, Texas. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Journalism in May of 2007. Miss Ari Photography became my official business in April of 2008.

During the weekday I am a high school teacher. After the bell rings I become a journalist, covering different events and sporting competitions around Dallas. 

I wear many hats. Miss Ari Photography is my baby. My pen is my spouse and my notepad is my mistress. Yes indeed, I am a writer. While I manage to shoot (photographically) each day, I'm also an author and CEO of my growing non-profit organization -"The Write One Incorporated."

So now that you know about me, I hope that I can learn plenty about you. Let me capture your very essence through photographs. Whether it be your personal portfolio that you want to build, or if you're wanting to capture precious images of your growing child - I can do it, and at a reasonable price.